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May 9, 2022
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May 9, 2022
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Special Shaped Ab Glass Diamond Nail Decoration Shiny Glass Diamond


Product Name: Nail Dazzle Color Flat Bottom Special-Shaped Ab Drill
Material: Glass / Glazed / Frosted Bottom
Color: Dazzling Ab Silver White
Package: Opp Bag
Quantity: 12 Pcs / Bag
Scope Of Application:
Diy Auxiliary Materials Suitable For Nail Enhancement

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Usage Method: After The Background Color Is Painted, Apply a Layer Of Transparent Phototherapy Glue, Put The Nail Drill On It, Place The Shape, Dry The Nail Lamp, And Then Apply The Sealing Glue, Which Will Be More Firm.
Reminder: This Product Is Suitable For Phototherapy Glue. It Can Be Used With Phototherapy Basic Glue. Ordinary Nail Polish Is Easy To Fall Off When It Is Stuck.