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Nail Wash Pen Cup Wash Pen Barrel Nail Brush Phototherapy Pen Wash

$7.00 $3.99

Product Name: Nail Pen Washing Cup / Pen Washing Container
Product Weight: About 56g
Product Size: About 63mm * 102mm * 59mm
Product Packaging: Opp Bag
Color: Black White
Material: Plastic
Scope Of Use: Suitable For Cleaning Nail Enhancement, Phototherapy Pen, Pull Pen, Color Painting Pen, Etc

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Product Features: The Cup Mouth Is Equipped With a Card Slot For The Pen. The Card Slot Can Be Large Or Small. You Can Choose a Card Slot With Different Size And Model To Put The Pen Of The Appropriate Model. There Is a Compartment At The Bottom Of The Cup To Separate The Pen Washing Water.

Usage: Pour The Pen Washing Water Into The Pen Washing Bucket, Insert The Pen Into The Card Slot, And Immerse The Pen Tip In The Pen Washing Water.