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Best Realistic Nail Practice Silicone Hands With Stand Bracket
May 9, 2022
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Nail Practice Silicone Hands For Nail Artist and Nail Salon

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  • [Easy to Use] You can directly insert your nails into the nail bed, and then design patterns on the nails. But if you want your nails not to slip off, you can use acrylic glue to stick your nails on the nail bed.
  • [Use For] False nail tips can be inserted into the fingers tightly without glue then you can design and paint nail art patterns on nail tips. Perfect For Nail Art Beginners / Nail Salon Artist’s Use.
  • [Reuse] It can be re-used for acrylic, or gel. Our hand model can be soaked in acetone, and it can also be used in the nail lamp. It is a perfect model for practicing nail art.
  • [Can be bent at will] The finger has built-in bones that can be bent at various angles as needed, it is soft and touches like jelly.
  • [Safe Material] The flexible fake hand is made of high-quality liquid silicone material, it is the simulation of human hand size, makes you feel like you are working with a real client, good for practicing.
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