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May 12, 2022
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Nail Painting Pen Nail Drawing Line Pen Carving Nail Drawing Line Pen

$12.00 $4.90

Product Features: Nylon Wool Is Soft And Tenacious, And The Drawing Of Draw Wire Is Easy To Operate
Texture & Color: Silver Metal Pen Holder
Packaging: Opp Bagging And Delivery
Four Models:
Painting Flower Pen: 145mm, Length Of Pen Tip: 7mm 11g
Paint Pen: 147mm, Nib Length: 9mm 11g
Wire Drawing Pen: 150mm, Length Of Pen Tip: 11mm 11g
Wire Drawing Pen: 155mm, Length Of Metal Nib: 17mm 12g

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Instructions For Use: For Nail Painting, Drawing, Drawing, Drawing, Carving, Phototherapy Nail, Crystal Nail, Bead, Drill, Etc