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May 11, 2022
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May 11, 2022
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Nail Drawing Pen 3 Sets Wooden Pen Holder Painting Flower Carving Flower Pen

$10.00 $4.69

Name: Nail Drawing Pen (3 Sets)
Texture: Wooden Pen Holder Nylon Brush Tip
Product Weight: About 7g
Packaging: Opp Bagging And Delivery
Product Features: The Nib Is Soft And Flexible, And The Drawing Of Draw Line Is Easy To Operate
Three Models:
Length Of No. 1 Pen Body: About 148mm, Tip Is About 26mm
Length Of No. 2 Pen Body: About 148mm, Tip Is About 21mm
Length Of No. 3 Pen Body: About 148mm, Tip Is About 13mm
Scope Of Application: Used For Nail Color Painting, Drawing, Drawing, Edge Carving, Phototherapy Nail, Crystal Nail, Etc

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