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Nail Accessories Round Bottom Transparent Storage Box 12pcs Set Beauty And Nail Accessories Sub Package
May 11, 2022
Double Head Sponge Halo Dye Gradient Pen Washable Replaceable 4 Sponge Head Multi-Color Pen
May 11, 2022
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Nail Double Head Color Painting Point Drill Pen 5 Sets One Pen Dual-Purpose Point Dot Drill Color Painting Phototherapy

$12.00 $6.99

Product Name: Nail Enhancement Double Head Color Painting Point Drill Pen (5 Sets)
Product Packaging Weight: About 37G
Product Packaging Size: 19.3 * 5.5 (Pvc Transparent Packaging Bag)
Color: 5 Colors And Models
Product Material: Plastic Pen Holder Nylon Brush Tip
Double Headed Design, One Stroke Dual-Purpose
Dot Drill Pen: Used For Dot, Dot, Flower, Dot Drill, Etc.
Color Painting Phototherapy Pen: Used For Nail Treatment, Color Painting, Flower Drawing, Pull Wire, Phototherapy Nail, Crystal Nail, Etc

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