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Nail Ceramic Cork Solution Cup Alcohol Pen Washing Cup Ceramic Sealed Base

$10.00 $9.90

Product Name: Nail Ceramic Cork Solution Cup (Nail Alcohol Pen Washing Cup)
Color: Black White
Product Weight: Square: About 130g
Cone: About 170g
Product Size: Square: 50 * 58 * 30Mm
Taper: 53 * 47 * 33mm
Equipment: Ceramic Bottle (White And Black Optional)
Cork (Sealed) The Square Ceramic Bottle Is Equipped With Cork Pad (Non Slip Base)

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Product Features: Cork Ceramic Black And White, Beautiful Texture, Easy To Use, And a Good Choice For Liquid
Product Scope Of Application: Making Crystal Nails Is Used For Mixing Crystal Powder And Crystal Liquid, Cleaning Crystal Pen, Holding Crystal Liquid, Making Crystal Nail Products And Crystal Nail Materials