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May 11, 2022
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Nail Candy Paper Shell Magic Color Sequin Cellophane Fragment Nail Patch Nail Phototherapy With Embellishment Diy

$9.00 $4.99

Product Name: Nail Candy Shell Paper Magic Color Sequin (4-Color Suit)
Material: Resin / Acrylic
Package: Opp Bag
Product 4 Small Box With Opp Bag Packaging Weight: 28g
One Small Box, Weight: 7g
Small Box Size: 3cm Wide And 1.5cm High
Color: 4 Colors

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Product Features: Each Is a Magic Color, Which Is An Irregular Slice. The Color Film Is Made Of Resin Acrylic Material, With The Color Of Glass Shell, Non Glass And Shell Materials.
Usage Method:After The Background Color Is Painted, Apply a Layer Of Transparent Phototherapy Glue, Put The Sequins On It, Dry The Nail Lamp After Modeling, And Then Apply The Sealing Glue, Which Will Be More Firm. It Is More Suitable For Phototherapy Glue. It Is Used With Phototherapy Basic Glue. Ordinary Nail Polish Is Easy To Fall Off When It Is Stuck.