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Nail Drawing Line Pen Color Bead Pen Holder Drawing Flower Carving Flower Pen Color Drawing Line Hook Pen
May 11, 2022
Nail Accessories Round Bottom Transparent Storage Box 12pcs Set Beauty And Nail Accessories Sub Package
May 11, 2022
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Nail Accessories 6 Grid Disc Set Resin Pearl Glass Color Diamond Small Bead Particle Mixed Jewelry Set


Product Name: Nail Accessories 6-Grid Disc Set
Set Includes: Resin Pearl / Glass Diamond / Beads
Product Quantity: 6 Boxes (Sets)
Package Specification: Disc Rotary Transparent 6-Grid Storage Box
Product Weight: About 24g
Style And Quantity: 3
Leak Proof Design Of Rotary Table: The Rotary Table Has 6 Grid Separation Layers To Avoid Mixing Beads, And Can Distinguish Size And Color.
Scope Of Application: Diy Auxiliary Materials For Nail Enhancement

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Usage Method: After The Background Color Is Painted, Apply a Layer Of Transparent Phototherapy Glue, Put The Nail Ornament On It, Place The Shape, Dry The Nail Lamp, And Then Apply The Sealing Glue, Which Will Be More Firm. It Is More Suitable For Phototherapy Glue. It Is Used With Phototherapy Basic Glue. Ordinary Nail Polish Is Easy To Fall Off When It Is Stuck