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Nail Small Steel Ball Flat Bottom Imitation Pearl 6 Grid Turntable Set Size Mixed Diy Nail Explosion Ball Semi-Circular Pearl
May 10, 2022
Nail Color Contrast Nail Board 240pcs Nail Models And 4 Colors In Each Package
May 10, 2022
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Manicure Bear Patch Set 6 Grid Turntable To Store Q Cute Fudge Bear Multicolor Mixed Diy Nail Accessories


Product Name: Manicure Bear Patch
Product Quantity: 6 Boxes (Sets)
Package Specification: Disc Rotary Transparent 6-Grid Storage Box
Storage Size: 65mm * 65mm * 12mm
Product Weight: About 20g
Leak-Proof Design Of Rotary Table: The Rotary Table Has a 6-Grid Separation Layer To Avoid Confusion Of Color And Specification.
Material: Resin
Model 1-4 Bear Patch Size: 8.5 * 5.5 * 3mm
5-8 Small Bow Tie Patches, Single Size: About 8mm Wide And 6mm High
Bear Patch Size: 7.9Mm Wide And 10mm High

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Usage: After The Background Color Is Painted, Apply a Layer Of Transparent Phototherapy Glue, Put The Nail Accessories On It, Dry The Nail Lamp After Modeling, And Then Apply The Sealing Glue, Which Will Be More Firm. It Is More Suitable For Phototherapy Glue. It Is Used With Phototherapy Basic Glue. Ordinary Nail Polish Is Easy To Fall Off When It Is Stuck.