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May 11, 2022
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Emery Grinding Head For Nail Enhancement Polish The Nail Surface, Remove Dead Skin And Cutin, And Can Replace The Grinding Head


Product Name: Nail Polish Emery Grinding Head (Front Grinding Head)
Product Material: Emery / Stainless Steel
Product Model / Head Diameter / Weight
Type 03 Φ 2.3mm × 2.3mm, About 1.35g
Type 04 Φ 4.0mm × 4.0mm, About 1.6g
Type 05 Φ 2.6mm × 3.0mm, About 1.35g
Type 06 Φ 2.1mm × 10.0mm, About 1.3g
Type 07 Φ 3.9mm × 12.0mm, About 2.05g
Type 08 Φ 5.0mm × 15.0mm, About 1.7g
Type 09 Φ 4.0mm × 7.0mm, About 5.57g
Type 10 Φ 3.0mm × 3.0mm, About 1.42g
Type 11 Φ 3.0mm × 3.0mm, About 1.38g
Type 12 Φ 2.6mm × 10.0mm, About 1.5g
Type 13 Φ 1.9mm × 4.0mm, About 1.3g
Type 14 Φ 2.3mm × 10.0mm, About 1.3g
Type 15 Φ 1.6mm × 3.7mm, About 1.3g
Type 16 Φ 2.6mm × 10.0mm, About 1.45g
Type 17 Φ 1.4mm × 8.3mm, About 1.2g
Type 18 Φ 1.4mm × 8.3mm, About 1.2g
Type 19 Φ 1.4mm × 10.0mm, About 1.1g
The Handle Diameter Is About 2.35mm, Which Is a General Model Of Nail Polishing Machine
Packing: Single Package / Plastic Grinding Head Storage Box / Box Weight: About 4G

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