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May 11, 2022
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May 11, 2022
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Double Head Phototherapy Pen Double Head Dual-Purpose Nail Enhancement Phototherapy


Product Name: Double Head Phototherapy Pen
Product Weight: About 25g
Color: Black Body
Material: Stainless Steel Nylon Wool
Package: Pvc Transparent Storage Pen Holder, Length: About 18cm
Phototherapy Pen: Double-Headed Design, Dual-Purpose, Soft, And Tough Brush
The Hair Brush Is About 0.8cm Long And 0.5cm Wide

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01 Steel Push Head Double Head Phototherapy Pen: Push Dead Skin To Assist Nail Removal
02 Shaving Double Head Phototherapy Pen: Nail Remover
03 Inclined Head Double Head Phototherapy Pen: It Can Pry Down The Drill Or Accessories To Assist In Nail Removal
04 Flat Head Double Head Phototherapy Pen: Take Glue, Color Mixing And Embossing To Help Remove Dead Skin
05 Diamond Head Double Head Phototherapy Pen: Dig Out Oil Glue Embossing And Color Mixing