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Three Petal Flower Patch 6 Grid Storage Set Resin Material Multicolor Magic Color Shiny Nail Accessories Diy
May 19, 2022
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May 20, 2022
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Bow Nail Enhancement Cat Claw 12 Grid Storage Set Aurora Magic Color Bow Tie Resin Nail Enhancement Accessories

$6.00 $3.60

Product Name: Nail Enhancement 12 Grid Storage Set
Product Packaging: 12 Grid Transparent Storage Plastic Box
Size Of Storage Box: About 130mm * 53mm * 12mm
Product Weight With Packing Box: About 32g
Color: Multicolor
Material: Resin

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Usage: After The Background Color Is Painted, Apply a Layer Of Transparent Phototherapy Glue, Put The Nail Bow Or Nail Cat Claw Ornament On It, Place The Shape, Dry The Nail Lamp, And Then Apply The Sealing Glue, Which Will Be More Firm. It Is More Suitable For Phototherapy Glue. It Is Used With Phototherapy Basic Glue. Ordinary Nail Polish Is Easy To Fall Off When It Is Stuck