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May 13, 2022
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Aluminum Pump Press Type Alcohol Bottle 200ml Stainless Steel Upper Cover

$8.00 $3.90

Product Name: Nail Pressing Bottle
Weight: Single About 50g, Four-Color Suit About 200g
Color: White Blue Pink Yellow
Single Bottle Size: About 10cm High And 5cm Wide
Single Bottle Capacity: 200ml (6oz)

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Material: PP
Product Specification: One Set Of Four Colors (Large Amount Of Monochrome, You Can Contact Customer Service)
Product Features: Stainless Steel Upper Cover, Press Type, Acid And Alkali Resistant
Scope Of Use: Suitable For Nail And Makeup
How To Use The Product: Pour Nail Washing Water Into The Bottle, Tighten The Bottle Cap, Open The Bottle Cap When Using, Just Put a Cosmetic Cotton Or Cleansing Cotton On The Bottle Cap, Press The Bottle Mouth, And The Liquid Will Float To The Surface Of The Cosmetic Cotton And Be Absorbed Without Pouring The Bottle.
Suitable For Liquid Such As Nail Remover / Nail Wash / Toner / Makeup Remover / Alcohol / (Empty Bottle Without Any Water Agent)